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So I just found out today that BBC announced Rhod Gilbert will be NMTB’s regular host for the upcoming season. It’s been a long time since we had a full time host. Hopefully it’ll do the show some good. A good dynamic between the host and two captains can make up for crappy guests… 

Here’s hoping that season 28 will restore the show to some of its former glory.

I like Rhod. Do I like him more than Mark? Hell no, so off I go to watch episode 2!

  • He ain’t heavy, it’s just water retention… Phill seems to be ok with all the fat jokes thrown at him through the entire show’s run. Not sure I’d have been. 
  • On Phill’s team tonight - Flea and Grover’s love child and that singer who looks like Amber from Clueless.
  • This episode’s fashion highlight is Graham Norton’s muscular illusion shirt. Mark’s shiny grey suit/mustard shirt combo is not even a close second.
  • Turn around, bright eyes… Oh Phill, don’t be embarrassed for knowing what’s coming up next in what is undoubtably the best and worst video of all time (shall we say ‘borst’ video ever?) - we all knew the answer to that one.
  • Nothing better than when Mark and Phill make each other laugh.
  • Detachable penis!
  • Anton Chekov said that love, friendship and respect don’t unite people as much as a common hatred for something, so thank you Madonna. Thank you for brining Mark and Phill even closer together.
  • Why wasn’t ‘Pass the Dutchie’ on the indecipherable lyrics round??
  • According to the end credits, Sean Hughes also participated in this episode. I must have just missed him…

Next up - detachable penis! or just episode 3.


Seeing Mark Lamarr at this year’s Latitude reminded me how great NMTB was under his reign, so I decided to rewatch the whole thing.

And if I’m not too lazy, write a bit about it.

  • Everyone’s so young… especially Phil.
  • From Bruce Dickinson’s 90’s uniform of an x-files inspired alien shirt to Mark Lamarr’s brown suit/red shirt combo, the episode had its fair share of interesting sartorial choices, but no doubt the evening’s biggest winner is Richard Fairbrass with a baby pink velvet(?) suit and no shirt. The man’s a legend.
  • Dancing hotdogs and a frog butler. Oh, 80’s music videos, you make it too easy to mock you…
  • The drummer from dodgy making fun of a band no one remembers anymore. Oh, name-calling pot, thy name is..that guy from dodgy. 
  • So many intros!
  • And dance interpretations!
  • Final scores are 23 to 25 - that’s more then the entire last series.

Next up - episode 2-duh…